We formed power. We've added power. We have added power to the design.

Founded in 1982 in Ankara, our company is TOKO METAL;
Until 2002, it has been active in the field of metal production.
Afterwards, it has also turned to the field of metal feet and accessories upon the developing technology and the need in the sector. In this field, many companies that are rapidly progressing in this area support.

It has accelerated its works by prioritizing stability and quality and has become a pioneer in the sector by taking advantage of all the developing technology.


TOKO METAL, which is one of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to metal, continues its production with full speed and professionalism. Our company which adds new models and original designs to its product range continues production by keeping quality in the forefront.


Our company, which is open to innovations and proved its success in production, is known not only with metal feet and accessories but also with its new designs.


We formed power. We’ve added power. We have added power to the design.


We continue to lead you with our designs that add to the power and we are going to take the lead with you …